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New music for 2013 – some great stuff!

And no, I’m not talking about Justin Timberlake’s return!

Suede have made a brilliant comeback with a new album called ‘Bloodsports’ and a great song from this called ‘It starts and end with you”.

It starts and ends with you

Another band that I recently discovered who have made some good songs are Paddy Considine’s group called ‘Riding the low’. One of the best they have done to date is ‘Easy on our own’.

Easy on our own

And, Beady Eye are to release their new album, ‘BE’, in June. A track from this called ‘Flick of the finger’ has been leaked and it sets the scene for a (hopefully) amazing album. Fingers crossed!

Flick of the finger

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Whoooooooooo are you?

Another top singer is that man Daltrey from The Who. Good to see that they’re touring this year although I believe that tickets were pretty expensive and sold out in minutes. Would be good to see them I imagine. I didn’t know much about them until I saw them on the Concert for New York City performing ‘Who Are You’ and ‘Baba O’Reilly’. I’d heard a beast of a cover of ‘My Generation’ by Oasis when I’d seen them live (Liam Gallagher sings this superbly live) but not much else. Anyway, enough rambling… here is a brilliant live performance of ‘Baba O’Reilly’ from the 70s. I had to laugh at Townshend, who is off his tits and can barely hit a tambourine. He still manages to play the guitar though, and the vocals are top notch on this!

I’m now a fan…

… of quilted jackets! I initially wasn’t too impressed with the original Barbour country-style quilted jackets, but I have to say that now a lot of other brands are in on this – I actually do like them! A couple I would say I really like are this one, by Joules:


and this one, by Ted Baker:


They seem perfect for a smart/casual daytime look and are probably ideal for the mixed British springtime weather. I am hoping to pick one up soon.


I’m almost as bad at blogging as I am at finishing a book I start reading. BUT… I have been reading ‘Walk This Way’, the Aerosmith autobiography and I am doing well. It’s a great read, a really good insight into the crazy lives they led. The amount of drugs taken and booze downed by those boys in the 70s alone was insane!!! It’s a miracle one or two of them are still alive today.

Either way, I think Steven Tyler has one of the best rock singer voices ever. Without him I don’t feel Aerosmith would have been so successful, but he is a brilliant performer. Even now he is still able to sing perfectly. That said, me and a friend when to see them at Hyde Park in 2007 and we were a little disappointed due to the songs they chose to play. For some reason, with a very mixed audience they played loads of tracks from an album called ‘Honkin on bobo’, rather than their well known songs. And I’m not talking ‘I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing’ – I didn’t want them to play that as it is bordering on cheesy now that song! Just a few classics like ‘Back In The Saddle’ or ‘What It Takes’ would have been great!

This is one of my favourite live performances by them. The energy in this song is amazing. It’s one of their early hits, I think Tyler had Mama Kin tattoed on his arm and wrote a song with that as the title…

So, no then… but I have been busy!

Well that didn’t work! But then again, I moved house and had about three weeks without the internet. Still, I need to write more…

I am just back from a stag weekend in Poland – it was crazy! Anyway, while there I picked up a check scarf for something like £8.50. I’ll upload a photo soon!

I’ve also got a couple of parkas that I am selling, they are vintage military ones. Here’s a link to one of them on eBay:

These are bargains, can’t believe people offer like £10 for them – ridiculous!